Updated 30th March 2020

Casinos not on GamStop

Compare the Best UK Casinos not on GamStop.

  1. Riviera Play
  2. Casino Napoli
  3. Crazyno
  4. Allwins Casino
  5. Gale & Martin

UK Accepted Casinos Not On GamStop £11300 in Bonuses

1. Riviera Play | 300% Bonus up to £3000

Most Popular
Riviera Play
Deposit £20.00
Get 300%
Up to £3000.00

2. Casino Napoli | 400% up to €800

Casino Napoli
Deposit £20.00
Get 400%
Up to £800.00

3. Crazyno | 250% up to €1500 + 150 Free Spins

Deposit £20.00
Get 250%
Up to £1500.00

4. Allwins Casino | 250% up to €1500 + 25 Free Spins

Allwins Casino
Deposit £20.00
Get 250%
Up to £1500.00

5. Gale & Martin | 250% up to €2000 + 50 Free Spins

Gale & Martin
Deposit £20.00
Get 250%
Up to £2000.00

6. 6black | 300% up to €500

Deposit £20.00
Get 300%
Up to £500.00

7. Ridika | 300% up to €2000 + 66 Free Spins

Deposit £20.00
Get 300%
Up to £2000.00

Updated 30th March 2020

Compare Casinos not on GamStop

Rank Casino Min. Deposit Percentage Max. Bonus UK Accepted
1 Riviera Play £20 300% £3000 Yes
2 Casino Napoli £20 400% £800 Yes
3 Crazyno £20 250% £1500 Yes
4 Allwins Casino £20 250% £1500 Yes
5 Gale & Martin £20 250% £2000 Yes
6 6black £20 300% £500 Yes
7 Ridika £20 300% £2000 Yes

What is GamStop?

GamStop is the UK’s biggest online casino prevention scheme, with the UK Gambling Commission now putting it in place on all UK licensed casinos. Any casino with a UK license must be registered with GamStop, meaning that for many players their website will become blocked for a period of time.

GamStop is a unique service that doesn’t just offer advice for your casino habits, but allows you to completely block casinos registered on GamStop from your mobile / internet device. With GamStop, you will register an account and request that you’d like to block online casinos and apps from your phone in order to help with an addiction. Once your request has been put in place, you will have a choice of 6 months, 1 year or 5 years. After you have selected a time period where you’d like to exclude yourself from online casinos, GamStop will put this in place within 24 hours.

Signing up to GamStop is not the simplest process, as with any UK licensed casino these days. You will need a number of documents in order to prove your identity such as a driving license / passport, utility bill and forms as proof of age and address. They will then use this data as integration for casinos registered on GamStop, therefore preventing future use of these online casinos until your GamStop time period has expired.

When registering at GamStop, be sure to use the correct information. Registering with GamStop is a big move in understanding that you have an addiction to online casinos and need to exclude yourself for some time with the help of their service. By using the incorrect information when joining, you will still be able to access many online casinos registered on GamStop as they will be unable to identify your GamStop account. Essentially, by providing incorrect information you will not help your cause.

In a nutshell, GamStop is prevention for problem gambling, though a last resort as you will be unable to access your favourite online casinos for a minimum of 6 months. Online casinos are one of the biggest causes of gambling addiction and found to be much more addicting than sports betting, bingo or poker. If you believe you are addicted to gambling at online casinos or could use some help for your gambling habits, GamStop is a great service though very full on. For some free advice, you can head over to Be Gamble Aware.

Playing at Casinos not on GamStop

Due to GamStop’s block on UK casinos, there are many overseas casinos operating legally in their own jurisdiction to offer services for UK gamblers. Technically, this is a big no-no with the gambling commission regulations, but as these casinos are operated abroad, there really isn’t a lot that can be done to prevent this. As these casinos not on GamStop are regulated in their own country and follow all legalities where they are based, they cannot be closed down for offering gambling to UK customers.

There are a lot of things to keep in mind when playing at a casino not on GamStop, the biggest of all being that the rules are very different overseas. In the UK, casinos don’t have to pay out, but often will due to the ongoing popularity of their brand. With many overseas casinos not registered with GamStop, they can be very careless and often have terrible customer support. Due to this, there are only a select number of casinos we recommend playing at, which have been listed here at Non Stop Casinos UK. Our current number 1 recommended casino not on GamStop is Riviera Play, due to their strong reputation for paying their winners and the great relationship we have developed with them as a business.

Advantages of non GamStop casinos

There are many advantages of playing at casinos not on GamStop, though many of them are illegal in the UK. One of the biggest reasons players choose to play at these casinos is not due to gambling addiction but rather to launder illegal money. Money laundering strategies have been used for many years with online casinos in the UK, but with a huge clamp down recently it has become extremely hard to do this. With casinos not on GamStop who aren’t regulated by the UK body, they are a lot less strict with their rules on taking deposits and limiting daily spending. This allows many big money launderers to deposit large amounts and withdraw them as winnings.

As GamStop prevents you for accessing casinos registered with their service, playing at casinos not on GamStop is the only way around the block. The GamStop blocks last for a very lengthy period, ranging from 6 months to 5 years. After some time, you may come to realise you are no longer addicted to playing at the casino and would like to have a go for some fun. After all, playing at the casino is meant to be a bit of fun. Due to the GamStop imposition, it makes it extremely hard to play at online casinos without committing fraud when you have a block on licensed UK casinos. The only way around this is to play at a casino not on GamStop. As these casinos operate freely, this is a great advantage of what they have to offer.

Another one of the biggest advantages when playing at a casino not on GamStop is that there are a whole new selection of games you can play. The UK regulations don’t just apply to the casino themselves when obtaining a license, but also the games they offer. Many games are not regulated in the UK by the Gambling Commission and therefore can’t be played at any casinos on GamStop. By joining a casino not on GamStop, there will be no problem playing these games for the first time.

Last but not least, a great advantage would be the bonus you receive upon joining. UK casinos aren’t very broad with their sign up offers, especially if you’re a big spender. The majority of UK casinos offer bonuses targeted towards those looking to spend no more than £10 to £50. With casinos not on GamStop, you will find some of the biggest bonuses on the net. It isn’t rare to claim bonuses exceeding 200-300% while amounting to more than £1000 in extra funds to play with.

Disadvantages of non GamStop casinos

While there are many advantages to playing at casinos not on GamStop, as with anything there are also some disadvantages. The main disadvantage is that these casinos not on GamStop are regulated completely different to those that are in the UK, meaning they aren’t very strict when it comes to problem gambling. In the UK, many restrictions have been put in place by the Gambling Commission to help those with gambling problems, but you won’t find much of this at overseas casinos not on GamStop. They will happily accept your money without any age verification or proof of your identity, but will ask for it right away upon request of withdrawing any funds from your account. That concludes the first disadvantage, they will never turn you away. If you are a problem gambler and spend a lot of money on casinos, these companies will happily take your money and possibly lead to further problems for your financial stability.

A second disadvantage to playing at casinos not on GamStop is that they games are not licensed as they are in the UK, meaning it is possible for some casino games to be rigged. This therefore gives you a much lower chance of winning, as some of these casino games can be designed with the intention of never allowing the player to win. This has always been a bit of an issue when playing at an online casino, but UK casinos are under a lot of pressure to ensure their games are completely random and the outcome is not fixated by any sort of software or machine.

One of the more serious disadvantages is that you will have no rights like you do in the UK when playing at casinos not on GamStop. We have all sorts of laws regarding data protection and the reselling of information in the UK, but for these casinos these rules barely apply. As they are based offshore, they can carry out many things that are not compliant with UK laws while still being accessible from the UK. There really isn’t a lot that can be done about this, so when playing at any casinos not on GamStop, play at your own risk.

GamStop Vs Non GamStop

The question bares, is it better to play at a casino not on GamStop as opposed to one that is? While for many looking for casinos this is not really much of an option. If you’re looking to play at a casino not registered at GamStop, the likelihood is that this is due to casinos registered with GamStop are blocked for you due to an addiction. Not to worry, as casinos not on GamStop will still allow you to play freely, but do be aware beforehand that they will not care for your gambling habits and allow you to continue spending as you please, potentially leading to further problem gambling or financial struggle. We recommend never spending money on casinos that you can’t afford to lose. Before playing casino games, understand that you are very likely to lose your money.

With UK casinos on GamStop, there are many impositions to prevent gambling addiction and problem spending. Many UK casinos will actually monitor your playing activity to see how you spend, play and use your account to gamble. If your activity seems concerning, they are obliged to refer you to a gambling helpline of some sort of advice service such as BeGambleAware. With services like this, it is much less likely to become addicted to gambling and therefore need to ever search for casinos not on GamStop. It is important to keep gambling fun, and when the fun stops you need to know when to stop. When playing at UK casinos on GamStop, you should be playing for fun and not expecting to use these casinos to earn a profit. Playing to earn a profit is a very dangerous cycle, almost always leading to financial issues.

There are a few downfalls to casinos registered with GamStop, the obvious being that if you have signed up for GamStop and no longer feel like you are a gambling addict, all UK casinos will still be blocked until your set period has run its course. This could be as long as 5 years. With UK casinos, there is also the strict regulations put in place meaning it can be tricky to deposit and withdraw money. They also don’t offer bonuses as attractive as those by the casinos not on GamStop.

Casinos not registered on GamStop have many benefits, allowing a more simple environment for online casinos. These casinos are based overseas and therefore don’t have to comply with all the rules set out for UK based casinos. Please note that these casinos are not operating illegally and follow protocol in their own jurisdiction. By offering UK services while being based in an overseas country, casinos are able to offer new experiences to the player as well as allowing those with a GamStop in place to continue playing as they please. You will find many new casino games at these casinos not on GamStop. As there are many casino games deemed too ‘fun’ or ‘attractive’ for gambling, they are banned by the UK Gambling Commission. Bonuses are much bigger at casinos not on GamStop, it will be quite common to find a casino bonus worth in excess of £1,000 when playing at these sites.

There are also some drawbacks when playing at casinos not on GamStop, such as the fact that they don’t offer much in terms of problem gambling prevention. If you have GamStop in place due to a serious gambling problem, we really do not recommend playing at casinos not on GamStop as this could lead to an ongoing problem. Another drawback is that as these casinos are not in the UK, it would be quite hard to open a dispute or take any action if they were to not payout.

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